Sunny Delights

I love a splash of lemon yellow.  It  makes me feel lighter in spirit, more optimistic, and well, just down right cheerful.  What could be better than a lemon yellow accessory to add a spot of brightness to your outfit or home?    A handmade one, that’s what!  I found these sunny delights at the wonderful Imprintalish blog.  Thank you, Lish, for pulling these lovelies from Etsy together.  Perfect with navy, grey, and taupe.   I adore the chrysanthemum ring!  Or is it a dahlia?  Whatever the floweryellow accessories etsy, here’s to yellow power.

 1.The Love Shop  2.Vintage Girl at Heart  3.Devika Felt  4. Lauren Blythe Designs  5.Handbags by Daphne  6.Knome Sweeeet Knome  7. Little Brown Pen  8. Rustic Gem  9. KooKoo Craft  10. Modernality 2

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