Lemony Linens

Fresh fruits by Room Essentials, Target. Pear and lemon tea towels compliment striped terry dish cloths. A perfect accompaniment to this German silver bar cart and tri-citrus blended beverage.

Oh my goodness, it’s been a while!  So many ideas, recipes, and books to share, but alas a two-week family vacation followed by a very scary bout of August pneumonia  left me, well, zestless.  Can’t wait to throw my lemon back in the blogging ring!

So, I’ve been wanting to share a source for these lovely summery lemon tea towels with you… perfect for adding a fresh touch to your lemonade service.  And, it’s not too late as there are two days of August left!  These refreshing 100% cotton lemon slice and pear tea towels are by RE (Room Essentials)  and available at Target in-store only.  My Target just restocked their lot so if these have your name on them, I encourage you to make a visit before the season inventory changes.  They are a perfect kitchen accompaniment to the RE 100% cotton terry cloth dish cloths patterned with a subtle green and yellow stripe.  Super absorbent, soft, stylish and practical.

If you are not so lucky to have a Target or to find these items in stock, there are a bevy of vendors featuring handmade lemony linens on Etsy.com.  My favorites?  The individually hand screened designs printed on 100%  cotton flour sack towels by Cindy Bazor of Bazor Designs in Metropolis, Illinois and Amanda Gray-Swain of Sprouted Designs in St. Louis, Missouri.   Both designers elevate the lemon to its rightful state: an art form.  🙂

Hand drawn, hand screened lemons by the slice.  Bazor Designs on esty.com.

Individually hand screened juicy lemon halves on flour sack tea towels by Sprouted Designs, etsy.com.


Phew, it’s great to back!